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Crew Member Injured on Celebrity Infinity

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An unfortunate incident occurred aboard the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity, as reported by the Greek news outlet Mono News. On July 18, the Central Port Authority of Corfu received information from the maritime agent of the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity currently docked at the port of Corfu, regarding an injury sustained by a 48-year-old crew member specializing as a refrigerant assistant. The crew member was reportedly injured while conducting maintenance work on refrigerant equipment when he accidentally injured a finger on his right hand.

The safety protocols were immediately activated, and the crew member received prompt attention and care. He was quickly transferred to a private clinic to receive the necessary medical treatment. At the time of the incident, the Celebrity Infinity was on a 7 Night Greece & Croatia voyage that commenced on July 15 from the port of Piraeus (Athens). Following the necessary medical intervention, the cruise ship proceeded to its scheduled itinerary.

As per the reports, the authorities have initiated a preliminary investigation into the incident, led by the relevant Port Authority. However, the nationality or identity of the injured crew member was not disclosed in the initial report. In light of this unfortunate event, the thoughts of the entire crew community are with the injured crew member and his loved ones. The well-being and safety of crew members are of utmost importance, and cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises take comprehensive measures to ensure the well-being and security of their staff.

The incident serves as a reminder of the risks that crew members face while working onboard vessels to provide guests with unforgettable experiences. It also highlights the significance of stringent safety protocols and emergency response procedures in place on cruise ships. Our thoughts are with the crew member, and we extend our best wishes for his speedy recovery.