Crew Member Injured on a Storm Battered Ship in the Baltic Sea

Jan 23, 2017

On the night of January 11, in the Baltic Sea, a passenger cruise ferry operated by Tallink, was hit by a raging storm with waves up to 7-8 meters. According to the Finnish weather service the maximum, measured wave reached 14 meters, which is highest recorded wave in the Baltic Sea. The 2,480 passenger capacity ship Tallink Isabelle, was on its way from Riga to Stockholm when it experienced the storm. Swedish news agencies report that the ships radar antenna was damaged and one of the windows of the ramp. In addition, restaurant and bar equipment, chairs, and tables were displaced by the force of the storm. One crew member sustained severe injuries to his head, and a fractured arm. Currently, this man is in hospital in Stockholm.  Below is a video of the storm battered ship Tallink Isabelle, recorded by Fi lemon.