Crew Members Raising Money to Help Honky Tonk Crew Bar in St Maarten

Sep 18, 2017

Hurricane Irma left devastation to the Caribbean islands, and St Maarten was one of the hardest hit. There aren't words to describe the impact that Irma left behind, causing catastrophic damage to thousands of homes and businesses. The crew members favorite spot, Honky Tonk Bar in St Maarten was also destroyed.  That’s why Cara Charne, a Royal Caribbean crew member has started a fundraising to help the owners rebuild this special place with many great memories. The fund for helping Honky Tonk Bar was set for $2000 and it went over very fast by donations of many crew members.

“Crew please give whatever you can to help our friends at Honky Tonk. We've all spent time there whether it be to eat, drink, use the wifi or hang out with friends or the awesome owners. Please help these guys get back on their feet and rebuild their business, thank you!!!” wrote Cara Charne on her Facebook Profile.

Ambar Riedemann Mermoud, Royal Caribbean crew member added “Friends we are still raising some money to help our Sint Maarten crew bar get back in business and their crew have their jobs and income back. The situation in the island is still bad but spoke with them and they are starting to rebuild and are deeply touched by our donations as they lost everything”

“There aren't words to describe the impact that this image will have for so many (particularly crew members) but more so for those whose livelihood depended on the patronage of millions of cruising holidaymakers every year. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the fallout of Irma. May the rest of her journey just find sea and solitary areas of land. A big hope, I know, but a hope nonetheless” commented Ray Emery.

If you wish to make donation to rebuild Honky Tonk Bar in St Maarten you can do so by clicking on this link which will redirect you to