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Crew Open Deck on AIDA Sphinx Class Ships

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Crew Open Deck Location: deck 5, Aft (for Crew only)

The Crew deck on AIDAdiva is like the crew open deck bar on AIDAprima but without the actual bar. You need to get drinks from the enclosed crew bar and bring it here. No open drinks allowed on the way from the crew bar to here. This is the als crew smoking area. 

Background music will play, yet not loud, since passenger cabins are close by. Personal speakers are not allowed. Crew parties and brunches take place here with food serving and drinks.

  • •Alcohol policy 
  • •Crew are allowed to have alcohol in your cabin, yet the drinks at the bar will always be mixed with ice and a soft drink, you are not allowed to get just Vodka, or just Rum, etc.
  • •No more than the following alcohol concentration limit shall be tolerated:
  • •- 0,00 g/L BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) during working duties.
  • •- 0,00 g/L BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) in all other cases, including any off-duty and resting period.