Crew Pickup Lines that only Work on Cruise Ships

Aug 17, 2016

Love life for the crew is unique just like the entire working and social environment at sea. Unlike on land when you have much more time for dating, crew romance is unique. From our experience, we selected five pickup lines that only work on a cruise ship combined with photos. Some of them work, some not, some are cheesy other romantic. For the ex-crew members, this pickup lines will put a smile on their faces and bring back old memories. We hope you enjoy.

1. Pickup Line - Wanna go on open deck and watch the stars.

Crew open deck is the best place for romance, especially at night when all stars come out.

ship pickup lines

2. Pickup Line - Hey baby I got chocolate dipped strawberries in my cabin wanna come.

This nice and sweet pickup line is used by cooks and waiters on a cruise ship since they have access to this delight.

strawberries pickup line on cruise

3. Pickup Line - You like movies? I have 300 movies on my hard drive

Current TV is hard to find on a cruise ship. When you turn on the TV in your crew cabin you have only CNN and the onboard cruise channel, hard drive with the latest movies is quite tempting offer.

movies pickup line on cruise ship

4. Pickup Line - Wanna see my cabin with porthole.

Crew cabins don’t have windows (portholes), this luxury is reserved only for officers and some lucky staff members. This pickup line is often used by the ship's officers.

pothole pickup line

4. Pickup Line - The things I want to do to you are dirtier than the crew mess. 

This cheesy pickup line is used after drinking 10 Coronas in the crew bar and you don’t know what you are talking. Usually, it doesn’t work ....or it works if the other crew member also had 10 Coronas.