Crew Story: I survived COVID-19, I won the battle against the virus

Apr 20, 2020

COVID-19 has managed to put so much fear into the hearts of people all over the world with crew members experiencing more than average fear due to being away from family and friends support. In times of uncertainty and fear, it is a good idea to share something that can alleviate this at least a little and to know that people survive. Also, believing and having faith in better tomorrow is sometimes half the battle as even research shows that people who have a positive mindset, higher believe system and faith generally have better medical outcomes and recovery. However, the greatest difference is someone that in that moment of fear and uncertainty shows you great empathy and compassion which is why we celebrate medical providers who while people are filled with fear they stand strong with their patients to show them that no matter how far from family you are, you will never be alone in their care! The following story speaks volumes of a crew members reality with fighting COVID-19 with faith and grace reinforced with the compassion and empathy of the heroes of our time.

  • "I'm sorry to say this but you are confirmed COVID Positive, we have to leave the ship and transfer you to the hospital."
  • What will you do if you hear those words from a medical personnel??

And my world stopped... Shocks...Is this for real? What's gonna happen to my baby's future, I still going to get married, this is sad ending... Lord I'm still young…

  • Let me start my story.
  • For private purposes, I hide other details of my identity..
  • I am a seawoman, 3 years in the cruise ship industry. Forth contract in the making..
  • March 30, 2020 when my symptoms started I had body pain and fever.

I thought it was just fatigue due to long hours of work and ordinary viral infection. So our medical team put me in isolation, as a normal rules when you are sick on the ship. The next day I also have cough, colds and shortness of breath, still with on and off fever and body pain. Our medical team keep on monitoring my body temperature and breathing.

April 1, 2020 i had the swab test for covid-19 done by Australian Medical Team and was advised that the result will be after 24 hours.

So after 24 hours, nurse come by and tell me those words

"I'm sorry to say this but you are confirmed Positive for Covid-19, we have to leave the ship and transfer you to the hospital."

I was transferred in a hospital, in a foreign land without any member of my family, isolated in one room, and knowing I have that killer virus. I'ts not easy the pain of needles in every injection in my tummy and arms, the shortness of breathing and dry cough that can't let you sleep, and the pain in your troat so you don't have appetite to eat.

I felt the depression, stress, sadness that i cannot tell my loved ones what i am feeling right now. I can't tell my mom and dad that I am positive with covid because I don't want them to worry and they also have other health issues. While in the hospital I was lucky to meet 2 Pinoy nurses, Nurse Nick and Nurse Ernz. Lovely kabayan who takes good care of me and giving me Pinoy foods that i miss and craving for that brings back my appetite. Day by day I'm getting better, since I am provided with best healthcare and healthy diet in the hospital. Keep praying and talk to God.

God always listen. In faith with the Lord I will be saved.

Counting days in the hospital is boring, my great buddy is my cellphone, thru social media at least I had a past time. Video call with my son while hiding the hospital gown with a jacket and other hospital stuffs. He will tell me "mommy please come home very soon", "mommy i love you and i miss you".

That little one is my strength and happiness.

Chat with close friends whose checking you from time to time and praying for your healing. But not all you see in social media are helpful seeing how they discriminate my fellow seafarers and ofws.

I am a seafarer I'ts not my fault to have it, it’s not my fault to be exposed with my passengers who have covid, it's not my fault to be a front liner because its my job to serve them in the dining area of the cruise ship.

  • It's not my fault to work here to provide and give my family a good life.
  • Today is my day 18, I am now discharged from the hospital and staying in a hotel here in Australia for extended 7 more days of quarantine.
  • Hopefully, by the first week of May, I can finally go home.

Praise God I am healed. Thank you Lord!

I would like to thank also some kababayan who are member of the Filipino community here in West Australia who warmly welcomes me and give assistance like dry goods, personal things, and vitamins.

  • I am now a COVID free.
  • I win the battles with COVID.
  • I am a seafarer, not a carrier"

This article is published with permission from the author.