Crewmembers Most Common Lies

Apr 29, 2016

Everybody lies. Everyone tells lies or “distorts the truth” sometimes. Some cruise ship crewmembers are big experts in lying that you cant tell if they are telling the truth and often takes a long time to find out that we have been lied to. Many times crewmembers lie because they want to cover their backs or their colleagues.

Here are the most common lies crewmembers tell:

1.    This is my last contract.
2.    Yes, Sir, I will follow up the USPH procedures.
3.    I'm not going to the crew bar anymore.
4.    After this beer, I'm going to my cabin.
5.    Yes, Madam, this is decaf coffee.
6.    Ladies and Gentleman this is the best waiter/bartender/ assistant waiter onboard.
7.    Yes, doctor, I have diarrhea.
8.    I'm not smoking in my cabin.
9.    No man I didn’t pinch your coffee cups.