Cruise ship comes to help Oasis of the Seas crew members

Apr 02, 2019

2000 crew members were evacuated from Oasis of the Seas after a large crane crashed on the cruise ship during dry dock in Freeport, Bahamas. The incident caused the ship to list on one side and parts of the dry dock are damaged. All the crew were safely evacuated on land and expected to stay overnight in Freeport city, Grand Bahamas. Following the incident Bahamas Paradise cruise ship Grand Classica, came to help the crew members who were stranded at the shipyard providing them with food accommodation and all the necessities. 

Grand Classica captain released the following message informing his crew to help any way they can to their fellow crewmates. The message says

“Good evening all crew,

Tonight we will act as a hotel ship for the crew from Oasis of the Seas since Oasis had to evacuate all crew members from the ship because of an emergency earlier today.

Many of the crew members left the ship with no personal effects, for example, no wallet, no phone charger, no clothing or toiletries, etc. All the crew mustered in the yard today and many of them are apparently sunburnt. They will come onboard tired and exhausted.

Therefore, I ask that every Grand Classica crew member be as helpful and compassionate as possible to the Oasis crew members, and to assist them in any way you can, whether it is to lend phone chargers or a spare toothbrush, i.e. anything that you think might be helpful. The Hotel Director has arranged a buffet tonight for all the crew and breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

I and the senior officers would very much appreciate every effort you could make to assist your fellow seamen in this emergency situation.”