Cruise Ship Crew and Passengers to be Charged $10 for Landing in Colon?

Sep 13, 2016

Looking for ways to rise more money, the City Council of Colon decided to implement $10 tax for each person landing by Cruise Ship. This controversial tax passed on June 19, 2016 raised the alarm by the Maritime Chamber of Panama, saying that this will affect the cruise ships coming in this port, and directing their vessels in other ports.

The local Authorities in Colon and Panama Maritime Chamber meet to discuss the issue of charging $ 10 per passenger or crew landing in Colon. After the discussion the Mayor of Colon, Mr. Policani said in a statement that the municipal agreement of charging $ 10 by the city of Columbus remains suspended, pending further consultations.

In a statement, the Maritime Chamber explained that the development of Maritime and Logistics in Panama depends largely on the total cost of the route, and this new rate, force shipping lines, mainly cruise ships to seek less expensive alternatives the region.

The only port charging landing fee as we know is St. Petersburg, Russia. The authorities in St. Petersburg, are charging $25 for crew members. The fee is called bus ticket. Any crew member who doesn’t have seaman’s book needs to purchase bus ticket to exit in St. Petersburg. The only thing is there is no bus.