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Cruise Ship Departure Delayed Due to Low Quality Fuel

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3300 guests onboard the German flagship Aida Prima had to wait 14 hours in the port of Hamburg. The reason for the delayed departure is quite strange. According to Aida spokesperson the cruise ship was supplied with wrong fuel in Rotterdam and needed to refuel in Hamburg. It is currently unclear how this could happen. 

Hansjörg Kunze, Vice President Communication AIDA Cruises said that AidaPrima was not supplied with right type of fuel at the last refueling in Rotterdam, reports the German Newspaper Abendblatt. Therefore, a new fuel intake in Hamburg had been necessary, which had lasted until midnight on Saturday. Due to the change in tide in the port of Hamburg, AidaPrima was able to leave Hamburg on Sunday at 8 am instead of her original departure on Saturday at 6 pm. "The safety of guests and crew always has top priority for AIDA Cruises" added Mr. Kunze

Because of the delay, the ship will skip the port of Le Havre, Paris, and the stop in Southampton will be extended, confirmed the Aida Cruises spokesman.