Cruise Ship Waiter Sentenced for sexual assault. The Captain on trial for failing to report the incident

Jul 07, 2016

On Wednesday, Italian court sentenced a cruise ship crew member to ten months' imprison for sexual assault on a 17 year old girl. NuovaVenezia reports that the assault happened three years ago during an Adriatic cruise on the ship Costa Fascionsa.

According to the report the Indian crew member Floriano Fernandes, who was working as a waiter caress the legs of a 17 year old passenger while she was in her stateroom bathroom. He also tried to penetrate her, but the girl's resistance had prevented him. The waiter was not the only one accused to the trial. The captain of Costa Fascionsa Ignatius Giardina, had to answer for fraudulent misrepresentation and failure to report the sexual assault. The captain had delayed the reporting of what had happened when the ship returned to its homeport in Venice, Italy on October 20. The commander in his report to the Italian Coast Guard said that during the cruise there was not "Any extraordinary event" eventually covering up the incident. According to Ignatius Giardina lawyer, Marco Vianello, from the navigation point an extraordinary event could not be considered the attempt of violence, but rather the ships technical problems or a collision with another ship.