Cyprus Lifeguards Rescue Young Man Attempting to Swim Towards Anchored Cruise Ship

Jul 19, 2021

A 25-year-old man was rescued from drowning thanks to the lifeguards and Cyprus port police after he attempted to swim towards one of the cruise ships anchored off the coast of Pyrgos. According to the photo posted by the lifeguards the young man attempt to swim towards Seabourn Sojourn.

The incident took place last week and thanks to the lifeguards' timely intervention, the young man was saved. "The young man, wanted to approach a cruise ship which was anchored about 3-4 km away from the shoreline and not being aware of the danger, started swimming towards the cruise ship from the nearby beach and away from the lifeguards’ supervision," said the District Lifeguard Club "Kinyras.

“About 1 hour later his mother informed lifeguards about the disappearance of her son and the port service was immediately informed and the young man was located about 3 kilometers away from the beach swimming to the ship. Immediately the lifeguard on jetski safely transported the man back to the coast and avoided fatality.

The District Lifeguard Group of Pafos Kynira (ENOP of Kynira) thanks very much for the excellent cooperation and contribution of both the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (KSED) and the port police.”