Dumbest Things People do on Cruise Caught on Video

Aug 17, 2016

On land or at sea people do dumb things. I don’t know why, but the dumber tings you do on cruise and post it on internet you can become some kind of local celebrity. This was the case with the 17-year-old girl Annie Schwenker from South Carolina. She took an ugly fall on a stair railing (some media say hilarious fall) on a cruise ship while her friend recorded the video.  Believed or not, Annie ended up as a guest star on the Comedy Central for her epic fall. 

Here is our top 5 list of dumbest things people do on cruise ship.

Number 5 - Boy throws golf club off a cruise ship

This spoiled brat hungry for fame shot a video throwing a golf club off Carnival cruise ship and posted it on YouTube. As you can see from the clip the boy with a medal on his chests looks if someone is around, and then throws the golf club into the sea. Polluting the oceans is not cool at all.

Number 4 - Rail surfing fall on cruise ship

As we mentioned Annie Schwenker, become famous by her epic fall on cruise ship attempting to slide down a stair railing before falling one level below. Annie friend posted the video online and went viral, with more than 23 million views on Facebook alone. After the fall she ended up with bloody lip and a broken rib.

Number 3 - Jumping from a deck above in the swimming pool

This guy claims that he was drunk when he jumped in the ships swimming pool from one deck above. Needles to say how stupid and dangerous this fall could end up.

Number 2 – Jumping off a cruise ship for fame

Daredevil jumps off a Carnival cruise ship from the open deck while the ship was sailing slowly past Grand Turk Island. The 60 feet jump was captured on his GoPro camera. Witnesses onboard reported him to the authorities and he was detained by the police and kicked off the ship. 

Number 1 Women fight for free burgers on cruise ship

This is the dumbest reason to fight on a cruise ship. These two classy ladies sailing on Carnival Breeze decided to throw down while waiting in line for a burgers at Guys Burgers.