Ex-Crew Member Saves Hundreds of People from Apartment Fire

Apr 07, 2017

Edmonton resident, Riza Kasikcioglu, saved hundreds of people from a fatal apartment fire reports Global News. According to the news outlet, the man didn’t hesitate and quickly reacted in order to help people in the apartment building after his wife noticed smoke rising across the street. 

He call 911 from his Donair shop and run to save the people inside the 17-storey tower. Once inside the building, Kasikcioglu started banging on doors, yelling everyone to get out. He did this on each floor and says that many people came out and at least two senior citizens were sleeping at the time of the fire. He also saved couple of pet dogs from the building. Kasikcioglu was all in smoke and soaking wet from the sprinklers when he got out. “ I was almost fainting when I came back down. I went out and EMS guys give me treatment. They give me oxygen and put stickers all over my body. Ill be going to the hospital again because I have three injuries including smoke in my lungs and my knee is swollen.” Says Riza.

What the Global News didn’t mention is that Riza Kasikcioglu was previously working for Disney Cruise Line. The training and emergency drills that he got onboard were practice in real life, he is a hero in Edmonton, Canada. As part of the Disney Cruise Line, Riza finished several contracts onboard Disney Wonder.