Filipino Crew Member Found Dead in His Cabin on Aida Cruise Ship

May 18, 2020

The crew community grieves the terrible loss of one more cruise ship crew member. Today we lost a young and talented colleague on the German cruise ship Aida Blu, docked in the port of Hamburg. The crew member was found dead in his cabin by his fellow team mates. According to reports, the deceased crew member is a Filipino national from Guihulngan City in the province of Negros Oriental. He was working in the Galley department on Aida Cruises ships. The death is not Covid-19 related

The tragic news was announced by the ship’s captain during a townhall meeting with the crew of Aida Blu. Special commemoration will be organized onboard the ship with a Filipino priest leading the ceremony. There will be one dedicated space for the young crew member where his fellow colleagues will have a chance to say a final farewell and express their condolences. During the meeting was said that the company will take care of his family in the most sensitive way possible. The crew member was a very talented photographer and musician.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic and the lockdown of the cruise industry Crew Center received many messages from Aida Cruises crew members. All of the messages were positive experiences shared by the crew praising the company for their honesty and transparency towards the crew. Many of the crew underlined the special care of their managers on board always looking after each and every crew member’s needs and mental health. Not a single negative message or complaint was shared by the Aida crew showing how the company truly cares about their employees not only on a paper but in real life. Still with all the care provided this tragedy struck the crew community, showing how hard this lockdown affects all the crew. 

May his soul rest in peace, our deepest condolences to the crew member’s family friends and loved ones. 

R.I.P Kabayan