Fire reported on bunker barge during refueling of the Celebrity Constellation

May 09, 2022
Today at the port of Civitavecchia fire alarm was sounded aboard the bunker barge "Punta Azzurra" during the refueling of the cruise ship Celebrity Constellation. The bunker barge which was alongside the 90.940 gross tonnage cruise ship reported a fire in the engine room at around 3 pm and immediately notified the port authorities.
Rescue operation and safety protocols were immediately coordinated by the operations room of the Civitavecchia harbor master's office, sending two tugboats, pilots, mooring crews, and fire brigade.
"Today the operations room of the Civitavecchia Coast Guard received a" Mayday " call via radio from the commander of the tanker" Punta Azzurra ", alongside the cruise ship" Celebrity Constellation "during the refueling phase.” Civitavecchia Port Authority said.
The tug boats detached the tanker from the cruise ship and moved it to a safe distance from the cruise ship and other vessels in the area. During the towing operations, the Coast Guard patrol boat regulated the traffic in the port.
Luckily the fire was put out by the crew of the bunkering barge preventing a major catastrophe as these tankers are loaded with fuel. The port fire brigade subsequently checked if the fire was completely distinguished as the barge docked away to a safe distance at quay 23.
The "Punta Azzurra" barge will remain moored, at the disposal of the harbor master's office during the night, pending the scheduled safety inspection by Coast Guard officers specialized in navigation safety. Port authorities started an investigation to determine the causes of the fire.

Celebrity Constellation has safely departed the port of Chilwitavecchia and is sailing to its next destination Taranto, Italy. The ship is currently on a 13-day voyage from Barcelona to Ravenna.