Five Most Amazing Stunts Performed on Cruise Ship

Jul 26, 2018

The world of cruise ships inspires various stuntman, acrobats and illusionists to try their skills in a completely different environment at sea. Here are the top five stunts performed on a cruise ship as a promo video for various companies in partnership with the cruise lines. 

Teleportation on Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas

Illusionist Drew Thomas teleported himself from the Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas helipad to the other end of the cruise ship at the top of the crown and anchor logo at ships funnel. For this illusion Drew used 4 GoPro's, a drone, and 4 cameras rolling simultaneously capturing the illusion like never before. 

Motorcycle Stunts all around the Pullmantur cruise ship

Just when you think all imaginable on a cruise ship is performed, the world champion Adam Raga, has shown you can still go further. The Spanish motorcyclist has boarded the cruise ship Pullmantur Sovereign with his bike for a Mediterranean holiday on two wheels.

Under the watchful eye of more than 2,000 cruise ship passengers enjoying the holiday on board, Adam performed different stunts on his bike at different venues on the cruise ship. The video was recorded for Red Bull X-Fighters and Pullmantur Cruises promotional purposes by a team of 50 crew members, including sound technicians, camera, lights, extras, and mechanics.

Extreme acrobatic dive

The cliff diver Michal Navratil is a competitor in one of the most extreme Red Bull Cliff Diving sports in the World Series. In 2008 He joined Red Bull Cliff Diving together with other prestigious high diving names. Noticing his charisma, and fantastic development as an athlete and outgoing character Royal Caribbean signed a contract with Michal in 2010 to perform on Royal Caribbean cruise ships Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. His performances in Aqua Cast thrilled all passengers with his aerial 17.5 meter high acrobatic dives.

Water skiing behind a cruise ship

The cruise ship AIDAbella holds the Guinness World Records for pulling a water-ski driver. The daredevil stunt was performed back in 2010 off the Spanish coast in the Bay of Alicante by Jan Schwiderek. He was riding the waves on water skis behind AIDAbella for more than six minutes. The 252-meter long cruise ship pulled him at a speed of 14 knots behind him - lasting exactly 6 minutes and 25 seconds. With a so-called "flying start" Jan Schwiderek presented by a speedboat while full speed on the boards. 

Amazing BMX Bike stunts on a cruise ship

The new flagship of the cruise company AIDA Cruises, Aida Prima, is the scene of a spectacular video. Even during the transfer journey to Hamburg in April 2016, the video was shot on board with the 20 years old Austrian bike trial rider Fabio Wibmer which is among others part of "Danny Macaskill's Drop and Roll Tour". Under the slogan " Aida Prima is my playground" Fabio experienced and Aida Prima in his own way: by bike and many spectacular stunts in different places on the ship.