Five Reasons Why Crew Members Love European Cruise Season

Apr 16, 2018

The Caribbean Season is over Hello Mediterranean. More than 100 cruise ships are making their Transatlantic cruise this year from the Caribbean to the Med. The transatlantic voyage is a long one, sometimes up to six days at sea before reaching the land. For those lucky ones who are working on cruise ships setting sail to Europe this season I’m sure you are looking forward to the adventure.

Here are some things why crew members working on the cruise ships love the European Season:

#1. No more USPH

Unlike in the Caribbean where cruise ships homeport in the US ports, and anytime unannounced USPH inspection is expected, this is not the case in Europe. Now don’t get me wrong we do the special cleaning in Europe but the pressure is less than back in the US where each time before turnaround day we stay long hours to clean our stations which is too much.

#2. More Overnights

During the European season, most of the ships stay for two days in a port. You will have a chance to go outside and experience the nightlife in some of the most beautiful cities in Europe (that is if you are not port manning). Most of the time cruise ships do overnight stay in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Civitavecchia, Ibiza, and the famous overnights in Saint Petersburg.

#3. More Diverse Itineraries.

Unlike in the Caribbean where most of the cruises are sailing for 7 days and you visit same ports, again and again, cruise ships in Europe tend to have more diverse itineraries. You will have a chance to visits ports from Greece all the way to Russia. We all love the Baltic cruises especially Norway with its magnificent fjords, Spain and Greece with one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and the visits to Rome from the port of Civitavecchia.

#4. The Food

Now don’t get me wrong The Caribbean Ports have great cuisine and if you are Seafood lover this is the place to be. However, the Food in Europe is something special. Pasta and Gelato in Italy, Wine and Cheese in France, Gyros and Souvlaki in Greece, Fish and Chips in the UK and Germany, Tapas in Spain, and my personal favorite pizza in Croatia. Pizza in Italy is great but I strongly recommend you try it in Croatia, no matter in which port you order one from Dubrovnik to Split they make the best pizza.

#5 No More Iced Tea

Yuhuu, No More Iced Tea. Well, you know what I mean.