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Former crew member publishes a tell-all book “12 Hours in Havana”

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In the cruise-lit world, the crew member nonfiction format rarely strays from the memoir. Greg Shapiro, who worked as a crew member for both Royal Caribbean and Fathom Travel, is breaking the mold with his new book 12 Hours in Havana: Build your perfect day in Cuba.

You're going to Havana on a cruise, weekend getaway, or business trip and you might only have a day or two to explore the city. Traditional travel guides are packed with useful information. But they're written for someone who has more time than you do. Online review sites, message boards, and blogs are filled with detailed recommendations, but they are hard to sift through for the best advice. 

As a guide on the first cruise to Cuba from the USA in half a century, Greg Shapiro has lead countless tours in Havana. He knows what's worth your time and what's not. He's eager for you to experience Cuban culture on your own terms.

12 Hours in Havana: Build your perfect day in Cuba is a fuss-free approach to travel that makes exploring a city fun and carefree. Think of this guide as an activity planner with mini itineraries to mix and match. Greg's organized Havana's best attractions, restaurants, and shops by their proximity to each other. He's even added customizable options for active travelers who like to get off the beaten path. Plus, there's some history, culture, and practical advice for making the most of your time in Havana.

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In a recent interview, Shapiro talks about his experience working as a guide on one of the first cruises to Cuba. “It was the most incredible sail in. From the moment we saw Havana on the horizon, an electric energy swept across the ship.”

The book organizes Havana’s quintessential attractions into convenient and easy-to-follow itineraries, illustrated on iPhone-sized maps, inspired by the animated show Dora the Explorer, where Shapiro worked as a designer before his career at sea.

In an early review of 12 Hours in Havana, renowned travel agent Rob Belles calls the book “essential to anyone looking for the best way to get around” and full of “vivid descriptions that made it easy to retrace my steps.”

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The most unique feature of the book allows users to download a map on their smartphones, which Co-Owner of Dale McCurdy says is “particularly important because the map function works even with the spotty internet in Cuba"

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12 Hours in Havana: Build your perfect day in Cuba is now available as an eBook on Amazon, with a paperback set to debut in summer 2017. 

About the Author:

Greg Shapiro is a millennial travel hacker, an expert at creating fun and culturally immersive experiences. From backpacking South America to sailing around the world, Greg’s visited over thirty-five countries and counting. On Facebook and Instagram, he’s @GuidedbyGreg. For more about the book, visit

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