“Ghost of the Ocean” The First Ever Cruise Ship Crew Movie Released

Jan 05, 2018

The first ever amateur movie produced by a cruise ship crew member was released. The director of this modest movie entitled “Ghost of the Ocean” recorded it on board, without any budget, but with lots of love, passion, and help from his fellow coworkers. Behind this project is the Brazilian crew member Angelo Moraes, together with 60 crew members from around the world, who were part of the casting crew. This movie was completely directed, written, edited and filmed by Angelo Moraes.

“The purpose of this crew activity is for the entertainment of the crew so that together we could play with the art of cinema and have a good distraction in the free time.” Says Angelo who has 10 years’ experience with editing photos and music videos as a hobby.

The Sci-Fi movie Ghost of the Ocean has a strong message, talking about the discrimination by the crew members and judging them by their uniforms and position on their nametags. “I embarked to finance my film school in my country, so I join on board as a cleaner,” says Angelo Moraes. “It was my great mistake because from that experience I face so much prejudice and discrimination because of a uniform. I saw people including galley who had great potential for various things being reduced to their function in name tag. By these experiences, so strong and real came my idea of the script”. The movie which was already shown on board in October 2017 made great criticism and left many crewmen distressed because they understood that the characters' struggle was a reflection of my personal story. I hope this film message can open the way so that we can see others with more humanity and love. 

In January the full movie will be released to the public at the following YouTube ChannelThe Ghost of the Ocean comes with an artistic background based on the classic Ghostbusters movie, including the soundtrack has 1 hour and 40 minutes of duration. That's why the promotional material features the Ghostbuster logo. Despite the logo, the movie story is totally unique and independent of the Ghostbusters franchise.

Here is the trailer for the first ever cruise ship crew movie “Ghost of the Ocean”

“Ghost of the Ocean” script:

The movie talks about an ex-ghostbuster who saved a ship in the past from a ghost attack. Retired he now teaches drills to prevent ghost attacks aboard (my character). The Phantom of the ocean invades the ship in search of a magical book that is with my character. On the ship, the ghost dominates the mind of the crew member Vicky, a cleaner and makes her takes on another personality... Silly Star. Silly Star is the door to the ghost through the beauty and seduction of Vicky make the crew stand against each other.

Feelings of discrimination, pain, and violence are exposed. In the midst of a supernatural struggle, they will discover that they are facing an enemy greater than the ghost... The prejudice


60 crew members from all departments. The main characters are Vicky the cleaner, Rajesh The Ghost, Professor Angelo, Bin hou The Prejudiced Manager.

For more info, you can visit Ghost of the Ocean website or the official Facebook Page