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Grand Princess Crew Rescues Two Sailors

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The crew of the Grand Princess rescued two sailors stranded at sea after their boat suffered engine failure and began taking on water near the coast of Wilsons, Australia. The sailors, a 58-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman, had escaped in a dinghy after activating the emergency beacon.

Authorities dispatched a rescue team which included a helicopter and ship located approximately 130 nautical miles away, however, the Grand Princess was the closest vessel, and was asked to conduct the rescue operation. A helicopter guided the cruise ship towards the dinghy, and the sailors were retrieved from the dinghy with the help of a rescue boat, albeit with a minor incident where one of the passengers fell overboard.

After being assessed by the ship’s medical team and found to have no major injuries, the man and the woman were taken aboard. The vessel subsequently docked in Port Melbourne on Tuesday, with the rescued sailors on board.