Grand Princess hull damaged by faulty platform

Dec 05, 2016

A damage to the hull caused by faulty tender platform forced the cruise ship Grand Princess to return back to Honolulu. According to Princess Cruise Line statement, the platform on the starboard side has opened, for reasons yet unknown, while the vessel was departing from Honolulu, Hawaii. As a result the ship’s hull sustained minor damage which has been secured. Grand Princess Captain confirmed that the ship is safe and has turned around to make an assessment in daylight. 

“Guests are being flown from Honolulu to San Francisco, the original destination of the ship. Princess Cruises is offering guests a 50 percent refund and a future cruise credit equal to the amount of the refund. Princess is also covering hotel and transfer costs for passengers aboard Grand Princess."  Says Princess Spokesperson.

According to George Kay, passenger onboard, the tender platform is still attached to the ship. It broke the hydraulic cylinder that holds it closed.

“It did damage to hull and the ship is taking on a small amount of water and the Bluk head water tight door in this area have been closed. Pumps are handling the problem. Wil be back in Hawaii Dec 5. They will have it repaired there.’ Says Arthur Houston sailing on Grand Princess.

The photo above posted by “Cruising Princess Cruise Line with Vickie” shows the damage of the ship’s hull.