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Hapag Lloyd Cruises

 Hapag Lloyd Cruises logo

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is a German luxury cruise line that caters to an international clientele, offering upscale and expedition-style voyages. 

Luxury and Elegance: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is renowned for its commitment to luxury and elegance. The cruise line operates high-end ships that provide a sophisticated and refined atmosphere for discerning travelers.

International Clientele: While based in Germany, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises attracts an international clientele. The onboard experience is designed to cater to a diverse range of passengers, and the cruise line often provides multilingual services.

Expedition Cruises: In addition to traditional luxury cruises, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is known for its expedition-style voyages to remote and adventurous destinations. These cruises often involve exploration in polar regions and other off-the-beaten-path

Construction Year:
Capacity: 516 passengers
Length: 225 meters
Tonnage: 42830 gt
Construction Year:
Capacity: 408 passengers
Length: 198 meters
Tonnage: 28890 gt