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Harmony of the Seas rescues 6 adrift fishermen and their dog

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Harmony of the Seas came to the rescue of a small fishing boat, and its seven passengers, including a dog named Canelo, off the coast of Mexico. The boat left Cozumel for a fishing trip but got into trouble when its engine failed, and they lost communication. The crew was adrift for nearly two days before being spotted by the cruise ship's crew.

The fishing boat, Aris, left Cozumel on a Sunday but got stranded at sea due to engine problems. Even after extensive searches by local people with boats and government agencies, there was no sign of the missing boat. 

On its way from Galveston, Texas, to Honduras, Harmony of the Seas spotted the distressed fishing boat about 20 nautical miles off the Yucatán Peninsula. The cruise ship's crew acted quickly, sending a rescue boat to check on the passengers and assist them. The Navy was also alerted and successfully rescued the six crew members, along with Captain Manuel Chimal and Canelo.

Following the rescue, all passengers, including the dog, were found dehydrated but in good health. By Tuesday night, they were safely back in Cozumel, reuniting with their families and friends. Harmony of the Seas continued its scheduled journey through the Western Caribbean without any disruptions.

Photo Credit: Mara Lezama/X