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Holland America Line Celebrates Service Dogs on National Dog Day

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On the occasion of National Dog Day, Holland America Line proudly honored the invaluable service dogs that accompany travelers across its fleet of ships. Notably, the company emphasizes that cruise travel is exclusively open to service animals meticulously trained to assist individuals with disabilities.

Among the distinguished service dogs is Joska, a remarkable black Labrador Retriever. Joska has become a seasoned seafarer alongside his Dutch owners, both of whom are legally blind. An outstanding testament to their voyages, Joska was awarded the prestigious Platinum Mariner Medallion in October 2022 for amassing an impressive 700+ days spent on cruise ships.

The commemoration took shape in a poignant ceremony hosted aboard the Rotterdam. During this heartwarming event, Joska was presented with the distinguished platinum medallion. Additionally, Joska was inducted into the cruise line's loyalty program as a 5-star sailor, a gesture of admiration for his loyal companionship. To cap off the celebration, President Gus Torch and Captain Werner Timmers bestowed Joska with a selection of delectable dog treats.

Joska and his peer, Wylou, form part of an exceptional cohort of service animals dedicated to enhancing the onboard experience. These cherished companions not only uplift the spirits of everyone on the cruise but also empower their owners to embark on unforgettable journeys around the world.