How to overcome stress when working on cruise ship?

Jul 23, 2016

The first thing you will hear from people working on a cruise ship is that the working hours are long (10 to 14 hours a day). For average people on land, this is too much for one working day. However as you all know people work on cruise ships, some even for 10+ years, and they are ok with this. Long working hours are nothing compared to stress at work and the new ship environment that the first timers face when working on a cruise ship. Stress is the reason why crew members quit on their first contract. So here are some pointers that can help you overcome the stress on the ship.

Friends, friends, and friends! Get out of your cabin! As you are tired, understand that your body will adapt. Your legs will hurt. But nothing need to socialize with your new friends and neighbors. Visit the crew bar go to open deck with your friends. Talk to people, speak, if open. Do not close your world. Meet the largest possible number of countries. Remember that you are stronger than you think.

Being away from family, long stay away from home (especially for people more attached to family and friends) can be a difficult challenge. That's why, before taking any step, a little 'psychology lessons "can help face this step. For example self-knowledge. If you are easily provoked by several subjects understand that the chances of you tilt the board are a thousand times greater. The pressure is higher, and the work is exhausting, you will sleep deprivation, eat well, but with a spice different from what is usual for you, and more, you will not have your comfort zone to run and get help. You will have only you to cry and wipe away the tears. So, women, when PMS arrive, your stress and imbalance will be multiplied by 1000, then calm down, relax! 

How to achieve balance? Make friends and NEVER isolate yourself inside the ship. On a ship like on land, there are nice people who like to meet you and develop new friendships. Understand that people, even though they are of different nationalities, they have the same afflictions, inquiries, and will be going through the same emotions as you. And why not have a relationship on board to find a nice person to relate, have a good time and talk. Besides your practice of the English language or another language, you will exchange experiences with different people.

I feel I'm falling into depression ...? If this happens to you also think that many have experienced it. Find strength in you through your personal goals you set up before you boarded the cruise ship. Think about the achievements, think of the pride you feel after overcoming these difficulties, think about the stories you will tell your children and grandchildren about your adventures around the world. Consider how life is short and you are the one who has the courage to dare new experiences.

What is my greatest reward? While some think that the best return to work on board is the financial compensation others don’t agree. Of course, the money will provide you the comfort to achieve your plans and dreams. But believe me when I say you’ll grow as a person. Once you finish your contract, the satisfaction of having done all this and have played in the world without any person "of your comfort zone" to help you DO NOT HAVE PRICE. The power of independence in life as a whole is inexplicable. 

So take a deep breath, enjoy your first contract, and be positive about your new environment. After all, this is what you wanted when you applied for the job. Right?