Huge Crocodile Spotted on a Beach in Cozumel

Jul 03, 2016

A huge crocodile was captured on video last week walking along the Palancar beach in Cozumel, causing fear among people who were at the beach resort. The crocodile was first captured resting under the shade of a palm tree and then heading between beach chairs he disappeared in the sea. This is not the first time crocodiles are spotted on the beaches of Cozumel or the Riviera Maya because of the proximity to wetland areas, natural habitat of such species. The last crocodile attack on a man was registered in 2012 in an area near the mangrove called "Playa Corona", also south of the island. The last study on record of the Foundation of Parks and Museums of Cozumel that at least 200 crocodiles inhabit the island, however the number may have doubled to 400 in recent years, as estimated by Conservation director Hector Gonzalez Cortes. Cozumel is the most popular tourist destination in Mexico, especially for cruise ship travelers.