Indian Crew Member Missing from Carnival Glory

Mar 21, 2018

Carnival Glory crew member is reported missing on Sunday, March 18, while the cruise ship was at sea, en-route to Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. The news was reported by Jim Walker from Cruise Law News saying that several passengers reported constant announcements in the morning from the ship’s PA system for the crew member to report to the galley. Several crew members on board have also confirmed the incident. According to the news the crew member was reported missing the following day after his colleagues found out that he didn’t report on duty.

The missing Carnival Glory crew member who went overboard is a galley worker from India. According to the Indian journalist Savio Joaomaria, the missing person is Deepak from the town of Velim, Goa. He has also shared the following photo of the missing crew member.

crew member cruise ship overboard

Last year there have been several reports of crew overboards. It is important to mention that in most cases (as you can see below) the missing crew members are reported after they fail to show on duty the following day. There are many factors that can play adverse effect on crewmembers and they don’t have to be new to the ship to experience them. Depression, family illness or death, problems at home, shipboard emergency, bad roommate, horrible new boss, cheating, disciplinary action, workplace stress, mobbing by the supervisor, loneliness, alcohol, weight gain/loss, are just a few of the situations that can occur onboard a ship that can throw a crewmember’s mental state off balance and cause them to behave irrationally. There are also cases of mysterious disappearance such as the one of the Brazilian crew member Simone Souza Scheuer who went overboard after she had a disagreement with her boss and ended a two-year relationship with a crew member. Prosecutor's office Italy has opened an investigation for murder in connection with her disappearance.

List of the missing cruise ship crew members in 2017

Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas pool supervisor identified as Rahul, was reported missing on December 11, 2017. His disappearance was also reported after he did not show up for his morning shift.

Symron Santana Almeida from Goa, India was reported missing from Carnival Inspiration on November 10, 2017. He was working as a Wiper in the Engine Department. The 34-year-old seaman was part of Carnival Cruise Line crew for five years.

Simone Souza Scheuer from Brazil was reported missing from the cruise ship MSC Musica on June 19, 2017.Her disappearance was also reported by her colleagues after she didn’t show up on the morning duty. Prosecutor's office in Italy has started an investigation for murder in connection with the disappearance of the Brazilian woman.

Norman de Castro from Santo Tomas, Batangas, Philippines was reported missing from the cruise ship Liberty of the Seas on April 24, 2017. He was working as a bartender and was part of Royal Caribbean team for 13 years. Norman’s brother reported that he ended his life by jumping off the cruise ship after struggling with depression for the past several years after his wife left him.

Costa Deliziosa Indian crew member working in the Housekeeping Department went overboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on March 29, 2017.The ship was on repositioning cruise from North America to Europe when a terrible tragedy occurred on the eleventh day of the voyage. His identity was not revealed to the public.

These are just some of the missing crew members. Many cases are never reported.