Letter of support to all crew members stranded on cruise ship from avid cruiser

May 23, 2020

It breaks my heart to read of the ongoing struggles ship crew are facing right now. I read that most ships and cruise lines are doing what they can to look after crew and to keep you safe. Those ships that are not doing what they can and will be remembered when cruising starts again. It is sad that Governments appear to be guilty of keeping many of you from being with your loved ones and family.

Please try to stay positive - it will get better and you will hold your children, partner, parents and family again - your smile will be like the brightest sun. 

When cruising starts again, I look forward once again to seeing all your happy faces - but this time I promise to be even more thankful and appreciative of your hard work and sacrifices.

If you are feeling down and anxious, please reach out to those who can listen.

If you wish to name call and poke fun at others, please turn off your phone and think what if that person was your brother or sister in such a dark place.

Please stay safe every one of you - your cruise family have already lost too many during these dark times - we dont want to lose any more.

The sun will shine and tomorrow will be a better day - as long as you are a part of it.

  • Sincerely
  • Paul Chatwin