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Liverpool Seafarers Centre Celebrating 15 Years of Helping Seafarers

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Today is a momentous occasion for Liverpool Seafarers Centre. 1 October 2008, the centre was officially established, and now, fifteen years later, it continues to provide invaluable support to over 50,000 seafarers who pass through the bustling Port of Liverpool and the various Mersey berths each year.

Previously, The Mersey Mission to Seafarers and the Apostleship of the Sea (Liverpool) operated as separate entities, within standalone seafarer centres in Liverpool serving NW Ports. The creation of the Liverpool Seafarers Centre brought these organisations together, allowing them to combine their resources and establish a more efficient and coordinated outreach programme for seafarers. This ecumenical partnership has significantly improved the services offered to visiting seafarers.

Located in the heart of Liverpool docks, Liverpool Seafarers Centre strives to create a warm and welcoming sanctuary for those who spend their lives at sea, often far away from their loved ones and homes. It serves as a place of solace, where seafarers can find comfort, connect with fellow seafarers, and experience a sense of community amidst their demanding journeys. Today, Seafarers come from country’s such as India, Pakistan, Syria, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Poland. Liverpool Seafarers Centre provides practical assistance, such as free wifi and discounted phone cards, enabling seafarers to stay connected with their families and friends back home. Additionally, recreational activities such as a café, licenced bar, library, and a minibus shuttle service offering seafarers the opportunity to unwind away from their vessels. The Ship Welfare Visitors, the staff members, conduct ship visits, which play a crucial role in combating the loneliness, isolation and mental strain that seafarers often experience due to the nature of the work in addition to working away from home for extended periods.

John Wilson, the Chief Executive of the LSC, expresses his gratitude to the local community in Merseyside for their ongoing support and generosity.  He said: “With the continuing support and generosity of our local community in Merseyside, we continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of seafarers who sacrifice so much for global trade and commerce.”

At Liverpool Seafarers Centre, inclusivity is a core belief. Firmly believing that all individuals, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, or gender, should have access to the support and resources they need. Liverpool Seafarers Centre provides essential services, practical aid, health and welfare assistance, spiritual guidance, recreational activities, and most importantly, friendship.

Liverpool Seafarers Centre is committed to working in collaboration with the local community to make a positive difference. Together, the aim is to ensure that every seafarer feels valued, cared for, and appreciated. The centre is also eager to forge meaningful partnerships and connections within the local business community. The corporate world can contribute to the LSC through various avenues, including Corporate Social Responsibility schemes, fundraising initiatives, and volunteering opportunities.

On this special anniversary, the Liverpool Seafarers Centre plans to celebrate in a memorable way, but the specific details are yet to be announced.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Liverpool Seafarers Centre or would like to make a donation, please contact: 

John Wilson at 0300 800 8080 or

You can also visit their website at

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