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Macedonian crew must replace passports reflecting country’s new name

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Macedonian citizens will have to replace their passports with the new name of the country, North Macedonia. According to a treaty signed between North Macedonia and Greece, all passports must be replaced with the new name by February 12, 2024. This includes all citizens living abroad as well as seafarers. 

Several weeks ago, rumors started circulating that Macedonian nationals working for Celebrity Cruises would be sent home in February to replace their passports. However, these rumors turned out to be false. 

Crew Center contacted Celebrity Cruises on this matter and received the following reply: 

“The Republic of Macedonia has changed its name. All Macedonian crew with a valid passport are able to stay onboard through the end of their contract. When they return home at the end of their contract, they should acquire a new passport reflecting the country’s new name.” 

The country is facing severe problems with issuing new passports due to limited capacity. The standard procedure is not an option at this moment as appointments are not available by the end of this year. Emergency passport applications are also facing major issues. These passports should be issued within 48 hours; however, the first available appointments at this moment are in April. 

We advise all Macedonian crew who are currently onboard to schedule passport appointments as soon as possible in order not to face any setbacks to their next contract.