Mein Schiff 2 Caribbean cruise canceled due to COVID related circumstances

Jan 18, 2022

One more cruise ship was forced to cancel its Caribbean voyage due to COVID-related circumstances. The German-based cruise line TUI Cruises has informed guests booked on the 14-day Caribbean voyage of Mein Schiff 2, which was scheduled to depart from Bridgetown - Barbados on January 17th, that the crusie was canceled. The reason for this short notice cancellation is that several COVID cases were identified onboard the cruise ship affecting important service operations. 

TUI Cruises released the following statement:

 “We are confirming the short-term cancellation of the Caribbean cruise for newly arriving guests, booked on Mein Schiff 2. The boarding of around 800 guests was planned for January 17 in Bridgetown / Barbados.

The ongoing cruise operations with guests will remain unaffected: the voyage that started on January 14, from La Romana / Dominican Republic,  will continue as planned. For another group of guests, their cruise comes to an end in Bridgetown / Barbados.

The reason for the cancellation are individual cases of COVID-19 that were identified during routine tests on board. In accordance with the processes of the Mein Schiff health concept, all affected individuals have been immediately isolated in a specially prepared area. There is no need to worry, all positive cases have only mild symptoms. The safety of guests and crew is in no way endangered.

Among the people who tested positive are some positions that are important for the service area. Therefore unfortunately TUI Cruises cannot offer the usual service that the guests of the Mein Schiff fleet expect and are used to. The usual Mein Schiff service can therefore not be guaranteed with more guests on board. In addition, the authorities in Barbados cannot guarantee us to release for new guests at the moment.

Currently, there are around 1,800 guests and around 800 crew members onboard the Mein Schiff 2.