Message from a crew member - Life on board is not easy

Jun 07, 2017

#LIFE_ON_BOARD_IS_NOT_EASY must read. This is for all d girlfriend, wives, sisters, mothers, and family of any person working onboard.

Please don't harass ur loved ones working overseas onboard. Keep them stress-free, It's not an easy life, working onboard. We have to work for long hours and sometimes, have no time to rest. We call our families during the break time when we are supposed to rest. Even onboard we sacrifice our rest time to make sure our families are doing well at home. Yes, Our ship goes around the world but our mind is always at home thinking and wishing our families were there to see the beautiful world. I wish I could take my family there. I wish I could earn a lot to make my family happy. I wish I could always satisfy my family's desires. We also long and yearn to finish our contract and go back home and spend time with our family as fast as we can. While we are on board we can't give too much time to talk on the phone because we need to take rest. We are physically onboard but our heart and soul are always with our families. We are working hard to give them a better life. I, Nilesh Gaonkar is posting this because I also work onboard and I know how hard life is and how much we sacrifice for our loved ones. Please don't overburden them by telling them all your tensions and stress. Wait till they come back because they are surrounded by water all the time don't see the land for days together. At times we don't know when it's morning and when it's night. We don't see the sun for days. Lots of hardship onboard. I myself used to always think life onboard would b easy when I used to see the family of my friends spending the same hard earned money like water. So I taught I would also work onboard and earn for my family but when I went I realized how tough the life was when I went to do my rounds especially in the galley, housekeeping, laundry, garbage etc.. I could see the crew struggling so hard. I realized the hard life when I saw it myself and always wanted to tell this to everyone. But now after the suicide of one of the crew member onboard, i felt I should post this. Please avoid giving stress to your loved ones. 

  • Why didn't you call? 
  • Do u have an affair onboard? Sometimes no time.
  • Why have you not sent money? Sometimes it takes time for the money to reach you.
  • My neighbors r fighting what to do?
  • Uncle filed a court case what to do?
  • Children are not studying what to do?
  • Girlfriend is getting married come fast.
  • Wife has an affair come fast.
  • Girlfriends, stop saying "if u love me send me money fast within 24 hours". We r in middle of d sea n surrounded by water.
  • Please stop all such crap chats
  • WHY? 
  • What?
  • How?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Keep all these questions away. We are too far to help. Take help from the people around you. Courtesy Nilesh Gaonkar ponda Goa.

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