Missing Crew Member in Rio Found Alive and Well

Feb 15, 2018

Antonio Triano Perez, 36-year-old Spanish crew member working as an animator on the cruise ship MSC Poesia was reported missing in Rio de Janeiro. The cruise ship docked on February 12, for the Rio Carnival and stayed overnight when Antonio disembarked alone and took a cab. When he didn’t come back to the ship his friend reported the missing person to the ship’s authorities and took to the social media to find him. Thanks to Thais Kristine and thousands of people sharing Antonio’s disappearance on the social media this story had a happy ending.

“For all my friends in Rio de Janeiro Please share! Antonio Triano Perez is reported missing in Rio de Janeiro. Antonio left the ship yesterday morning and took a taxi in Oporto to withdraw money in a bank, now it is 13:25 pm and he has not yet returned to the ship. If you have any information please leave a message… Thank you very much for the attention. We will not give up on him!” This was the message by Thais Kristine shared thousands of times on the social media which help locate the missing crew member.

Several hours later his friend reported that he was found by the taxi driver who took Antonio to a bar. “Attention friends ... thanks for the shares and prayers ... our friend Antonio Triano Perez was found in Rio de Janeiro, unconscious, but alive! Had a help of a taxi driver and is returning to the ship” wrote Thais Kristine on the social media.

Compartilhem! Compartilhem! Nao desistiremos dele! Estou reportando pois no outro post muita gente maldosa estava...

Posted by Thaís Kristine on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Apparently, Antonio meet two girls in Rio which poured a drug into his drink. This drug is known in Brazil as “Boa Noite Cindarela” or translated in English “Good Night Cinderella” This is a cocktail of drugs, usually found in the form of a liquid. These drugs act directly on the central nervous system, which can cause amnesia during the intoxication. And this is exactly what happen to Antonio after which he lost consciousness and several hours later woke up without his personal belongings. Thankfully he is alive and well and currently he is in a hotel with the agents representing MSC Cruises.

According to a post on one of the most active groups for crew members “Crew Life” Antonio went out at the Carnival that night and met two girls. He took a taxi and together with the girls went to a bar where they drugged him with “Boa Noite Cinderela” and stole all his belongings. Later the taxi driver who took Antonio to the bar found out about his disappearance came back at the same place to look for him and ended up finding him.

About the drug “Boa Noite Cinderela” Good Night Cinderella

“Boa Noite Cinderela” is a mix of drugs, among which: Lorax, Rohypnol, Lexotam, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) and Ketamine. These drugs are usually mixed in drinks causing loss of consciousness and amnesia during the intoxication 

Due to these effects, the substance is widely used by thefts and aggressors who dope the victim in order to assault or abuse sexually. This drug is often applied in nightclubs, but it can also occur in restaurants. The mourner pretends to be ingesting a certain drink - containing a narcotic substance - and offers the victim, who, after ingesting the counterfeit liquid, is at the mercy of the bandit. These cases are rarely recorded in police stations, since the victims are usually embarrassed to recount what happened, or sometimes they can’t remember, or rather be sure of, what actually happened.

Antonio is truly lucky to have amazing friends who really care about each other. Let this be a lesson to all crew members to take extra precaution when visiting any port around the world. Remember crew members are strangers everywhere they go. When off the ship all you have is each other, so always go in a group, NEVER ALONE; Don’t take unauthorized private taxi; Avoid interactions with suspicious strangers.