MSC Cruises To Allow Crew Shore Leave

Mar 25, 2022

MSC Cruises announced easing of the crew shore leave restrictions across its fleet. Starting March 31, all crew members who are fully vaccinated and not on duty will be allowed to disembark and enjoy the destinations visited by MSC cruise ships. More details will be shared in the coming days about the leave allowed at ports depending of the ship’s deployment region and based on the current local COVID 19 requirements. 

MSC Cruises shared this exciting news for the crew in a letter signed by MSC Cruises CEO Gianni Onorato. 

“Dear and valued members of the MSC family.

With the worst part of the global pandemic now hopefully behind us, on behalf of the entire team at MSC Cruises I want to sincerely thank you once again for your incredible commitment and support during this extraordinary period, and let you know we are now in a position to grant you much needed shore leave,”  Mr. Onorato said. “I am pleased to confirm that in line with the relaxation of COVID l9 restrictions in many of the markets where our ships operate, we are now able to allow a degree of crew shore leave.”

Mr. Onorato noted that due to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, the company and especially the crew must remain extremely vigilant to best protect colleagues and guests sailing aboard the ships. As the Covid restrictions across the world are easing, MSC cruises will also continue to relax the remaining restrictions in a progressive way, both for guests and crew.

“Let me assure you that I and my entire Management Team ashore continue to look after your wellbeing. We know that only a happy workforce can deliver the high quality service that our guests expect, and for this reason, we and everyone in the MSC family will continue working to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible.”

Thanking his crew for everything that they have done for the company during this critical period, Gianni Onorato added “I sincerely hope that you enjoy some well-deserved time ashore and I truly wish we had been able to do this sooner. It Is thanks to you that we continue to lead our Industry’s return to full service.”