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MSC Cruises Campaign With AC Milan Players Reaches 8 Million Views

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MSC Cruises' and AC Milan's partnership continues with a successful digital campaign, reaching 8 million views and over 1 million interactions in less than a week. MSC Cruises teamed up with AC Milan stars Leao, Pobega, and Musah, transforming them into cartoon characters. With three reels dedicated to each player, the social media campaign "The Milan Footballers' Vacation Home" was designed to enhance awareness and resonate with the preferences of a specific audience demographic. 

The campaign featured the players as animated characters, showcasing their skills on the field in comic-style illustrations, and depicted them relaxing in the real world aboard an MSC cruise ship. The idea behind the campaign was to blend the players' intense moments on the field with the notion of taking a break. MSC Cruises' digital campaign is a hit as it seamlessly blends sports and leisure, enticing people to consider a cruise vacation. It is a simple yet effective way to showcase the excitement of both worlds.