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MSC Cruises Introduces "Free Crew Laundry Service" Amid Mixed Reactions

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MSC Cruises has recently launched a trial program called the "Free Crew Laundry Service," which commenced on June 25 and is set to last for a three-month period. The main objective behind this program is to offer complimentary laundry services for the personal clothing of the crew, replacing the existing crew laundry system.

To ensure a smooth operation of this trial service, the company has outlined specific instructions for its implementation, including:

- The free crew laundry service is available 24 hours a day.

- The service exclusively covers personal clothes and does not include uniforms, linen, or towels.

- Crew members are allowed to submit a maximum of 10 pieces of clothing at a time.

- Clothes should be separated into two bags—one for colored items and one for white items.

- The service includes washing, drying, and folding, while crew members are responsible for ironing their clothes.

- In case all machines are occupied, the laundry staff may request crew members to return at a later time.

- After submitting their clothes, crew members can retrieve them approximately three hours later.

- Uniforms will continue to be handled according to the regular operations, timing, and designated location.

MSC Cruises has requested crew members to exhibit patience and cooperation during this trial period, as it is a temporary service being tested.

Crew Members Express Concerns and Dissatisfaction

However, some crew members on board the MSC DIVINA cruise ship have raised concerns and expressed their dissatisfaction with the new program, finding it more time-consuming compared to the previous crew laundry service.

One crew member said, "We received information about the 'free crew laundry' service, which is not free at all... and it's only a three-month trial, which is completely unreasonable with no alternative options to choose from." 

The crew member further explained the challenges they face, saying, "Firstly, we have to wait in line for approximately two hours, and then it takes an additional two or three hours for the clothes to be ready... As mentioned in the email, we are limited to only ten pieces, which means even a single pair of socks is counted as one piece... Additionally, the crew laundry is now closed for those who wish to wash their own clothes, leaving us with only the option to iron our clothes. This is entirely unfair, leaving us with no time to rest and no choice in deciding whether we want to use the service or not."

The crew member's sentiments reflect a dissatisfaction with the current program and a perception that the promised improvements are not being fulfilled. Despite the launch of the "BETTER" program, crew members feel that no tangible improvements or positive changes have been observed.

As the trial period progresses, it remains to be seen how MSC Cruises will address the concerns raised by crew members and whether adjustments will be made to enhance the efficiency and satisfaction of the free crew laundry service.