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MSC Preziosa Rescues Fishermen in Brazil

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The cruise ship MSC Preziosa rescued six fishermen from a sinking vessel near the island of Jorge Grego, on Ilha Grande, in Angra dos Reis, Brazil. Unfortunately amidst the rescue efforts, one fisherman lost his life while trapped on the sinking boat.

The event unfolded when a fishing vessel, carrying seven crew members, sank near Ilha Grande. The crew of the nearby MSC Preziosa responded to the distress call. After the rescue, the survivors were transported to Vila do Abraão, where a coordinated effort involving a Civil Defense ambulance and a Fire Department boat facilitated their transfer to the mainland for medical attention.

Upon reaching the Santa Luzia pier the survivors were met with additional medical support, with two ambulances from Samu and CBMERJ ready to transport them to a hospital unit. Unfortunately, one survivor was in a more weakened state. Additionally, the body of the fisherman who lost his life in the sinking was discovered by firefighters inside the submerged vessel and has been transferred to the city's IML (Instituto Médico Legal), awaiting identification.

The Brazilian Navy has initiated an investigation into the causes of the tragic maritime accident. The findings from this investigation may provide insights into the circumstances leading to the sinking, contributing to enhanced safety measures and the prevention of similar incidents in the future.