MSC Splendida to Keep the Chinese Crew Onboard

Feb 06, 2020

Following the recent outcry from the Chinese crew onboard the cruise ship MSC Splendida after they were told will disembark the vessel and sent back home to China, MSC Cruises said they will provide safe haven and keep their crew members.

In a letter signed by Gianni Onorato, Chief Executive Officer of MSC Cruises distributed fleet-wide, the crew was informed about the latest coronavirus updates and precautionary measures the company is undertaking as well as the latest news regarding MSC Splendida crew.

“We know many of you are thinking about your colleagues on MSC Splendida and we are taking additional actions to support and protect them. In light of the ship repositioning to Dubai and Europe, some crew members from all nationalities have already disembarked and returned home with a guaranteed re-embarkation letter in the next 2-3 months. 

We are offering extra and personalized help to our Chinese colleagues in case they have difficulties returning to their homes. We have spoken with every colleague from China on MSC Splendida, and have offered them the option to either return to their homes in case they can: return to family in a non-affected part of China: or stay onboard MSC Splendida or any of our other ships under a new contract” MSC Cruises letter reads.

We received several messages from the crew onboard MSC Splendida saying they are very happy about MSC's decision to keep the Chinese crew onboard.

“Now, the management is taking care of all crew. They are giving us more privileges, access around the ship, good food, free internet. And also some of the Chinese crew they allow to stay here onboard until the exact date of their disembarkation. They are all happy now.” Says one crew member.

Here is the notice by MSC Cruises sent to us by a crew member.