Must know when you are joining your first ship - Top 7 Crew Essentials

Feb 02, 2024

Ahoy, Current and Future Crew Members!

In this edition, we'll share some essential tips one must know when joining a cruise ship for the first time.

Discover what to bring on board by efficiently packing everything into a single suitcase. This includes comfortable uniforms (if you need to bring your own uniform), personal hygiene items, required documentation, and adaptors for electronic devices.

Get acquainted with the ship's layout, adhere to safety protocols, and embrace the opportunity to learn from experienced crew members. The internet is filled with deck plans, ship reviews and videos for you to research. 

Cultivate positive relationships with colleagues, remain adaptable, and welcome the unique challenges and opportunities that working on a cruise ship entails.


List of items to bring:

1. Essential Documents:

Passport and necessary visas

Seafarer's ID and any training certifications

Medical records and vaccination certificates 


2. Clothing:

Uniforms (check specific requirements)

Casual clothes for off-duty hours (not too many)

Undergarments and socks


(Tip: Avoid overpacking; you can always shop during your time off in port.)


3. Personal Hygiene:

Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) at least for the first month 

Shower shoes/flip-flops






4. Health and Medications:

Prescription medications (with a prescription/doctor’s note)

Basic first aid kit and seasickness medication (you can also get that at the medical centre onboard, but it is always good to have some basic stuff handy, such as Advil and Gravol, and a few band-aids.)


5. Electronics:

Laptop or tablet

Phone and charger

Adaptors for various plug types


6. Entertainment:

Books, e-reader, or Kindle


Playing cards or other small games


7. Personal Items:

Photos or small mementos from home

Now that you're well-equipped with insights on what to bring and have been following our tips and curiosities about life as a crew member, why not take the next step?

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