NCL Crewmember Loses His Job for Possession of Cannabis-Infused Mints

May 07, 2018

A 25-year-old Norwegian Cruise Line crewmember was detained by Bermuda Authorities on May 2, for possession of Cannabis-infused mints. According to Royal Gazette, Ethan Crystal from New York, part of the Norwegian Escape crew was stopped and searched by Customs officers at Dockyard’s Heritage Wharf as he returned back to the cruise ship. The officers found in his a container of mints that had an unusual smell.

The young man who was working as entertainer onboard Norwegian Escape admitted the mints contained THC, (microdosed mints with the active ingredient found in cannabis), and that he had purchased them in back in New York for his own personal use.

Today he appeared in front of Magistrates’ Court and was fined $800 for possession of the THC substance. The defence counsel, said he did not intend to cause any harm and that he had lost his job because of the arrest.

All cruise lines have zero tolerance policy when it comes to drug possession or consumption. There are random drug tests onboard, and if a crew member is tested positive he/she is sent home at the next port-of-call, no questions asked. You might say that the crew member got lucky this time and got away only with a fine, considering the fact that in some Caribbean countries he might get a jail sentence.