NCL’s “Peace of Mind” Health Protocols Gives Insight to the New Safety Protocols for Crew

Jul 23, 2020

Norwegian Cruise Line announced that the company is working on a comprehensive and multi-faceted set of new and enhanced health and safety protocols to address the challenges of the global pandemic. According to the company, these new protocols will be designed to meet or exceed required global public health standards for guests boarding NCL ships as well as the safety of its crew. Additionally, the company will introduce a newly created onboard position of Public Health Officer on each ship, responsible for the oversight of all sanitation and outbreak prevention initiatives, as well as an increased number of medical staff. As we all know the cruise lines will have to exceed global public health requirements in order to prove to all relevant health and port authorities, that they can step up the game by preventing any outbreak and provide a safe environment. With this being said the new health protocols will be much more strict than the ones implemented by any land-based leisure company. 

The company presented the latest set of protocols on their website which gives a glimpse of the rules and regulations crew members need to follow for a safe and healthy return to cruising once they join the ship. 


All crew will undergo extensive screening prior to embarkation and constant monitoring throughout the voyage. Touchless temperature checks and continuous monitoring of guests and crew throughout the voyage will help identify potential health issues, offering an additional layer of prevention and protection.

NCL announced when guests will have temperature screenings. These screenings will most likely apply to crew as well

Touchless temperature checks will occur:

- Prior to embarkation

- Upon returning to the ship from a port of call (this is most likely only for guests, since there is no announcement if the crew will be allowed shore leave, at the beginning)

- Prior to all meals in dining venues

- Prior to all activities in public venues

- Prior to disembarkation

Constant monitoring of crew health includes temperature checks multiple times per day as well as rigid sanitation protocols

NCL is enhancing the existing Pre-Employment Medical Examination process, which already screens for a wide variety of infectious diseases, to ensure the health and safety of the crew. The company is exploring on board testing capabilities that will allow crew members to undergo the latest, most advanced form of COVID-19 testing at any time throughout their employment contract.

On the website, NCL didn’t present additional details about crew protocols prior joining the ship. However most likely the crew will need to get PCR tested prior to embarking a flight and wear a proper face mask for the duration of the travel. Before boarding the ship crew will have to pass temperature screening, and  once cleared, he/she may board the vessel. After boarding the ship most likely the crew will need to proceed to assigned cabin for quarantine. Upon completion of the quarantine period they will be tested again for Covid-19 before starting regular ship duties, if the test is negative.


In partnership with CDC's Vessel Sanitation Programme NCL has developed a health and safety protocols which crew will put these set of rules in action. All ships will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to every voyage in accordance with NCL protocols. All staterooms, suites and public areas will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected at an increased frequency, and including the use of Electrostatic Spray Technology. Increased sanitation efforts include:

- HOCl Fogging in Staterooms & Public Areas

Fogging in staterooms and public areas with the disinfectant with non-toxic hypochlorous acid (HOCI)., that effectively kills bacteria, spores, and viruses. 

- 24/7 prevention timetable will feature continuous disinfection of public areas and high-traffic touch points as well as elevators and all public areas during on and off-peak hours.

- Full Service Buffets

Buffets and beverage stations will be full service with staff available to serve guests.

•Personal Hygiene

All guests will be strongly encouraged to engage in frequent handwashing, including when entering food and beverage venues, and hand sanitizer will be prominently placed and easily accessible throughout the ship.


•To provide even more space for responsible social distancing, guest capacity on board will be reduced. Staggered embarkation and online check-in will be implemented for proper social distancing. In addition, we are committed to reducing capacity in all public areas throughout the voyage.


Onboard medical centres will be fully equipped with the latest testing kits and medical supplies. The company is increasing the number of medical teams fleetwide. Each ship has dedicated isolation accommodations should the need arise.

  • - Testing kits and medical supplies include:
  • - Advanced on-site rapid diagnostic testing for COVID-19
  • - Increased inventory of medical oxygen equipment
  • - Increased inventory of vaccinations
  • - Increased inventory of medication to treat COVID-19
  • - Enhanced health & safety trainings and continued education for crew members

These are just part of the new health and safety regulations for crew and guests. For more information please visit NCL’s Peace of mind with Safety and Flexibility program here.