Norwegian Sun Crew Member Goes Overboard in Chile

Mar 16, 2016

Puerto Aysén authorities in Chile are investigating the disappearance of a Filipino crew member who went overboard from NCL cruise ship Norwegian Sun.

Investigation was launched to determine the circumstances of the disappearance of the crew member occurring in Chilean national waters.

According to the preliminary records the chief prosecutor of Puerto Aysén, Patricio Echeverría Jory, identified the crew member as Dominic Santiago Gubertino age 55.

Gubertino went overboard in the area called Middle Paso, located one hour by ship from the port of Chacabuco in the Moraleda Canal.

Upon the arrival in Chacabuco, Gubertino co-workers realized that he was not onboard and security officers reviewed the CCTV cameras showing that he went overboard at 06.41 am on 16.02.2016. During the afternoon the prosecutor boarded the cruise ship to investigate this tragic event. 

According to information provided by Norwegian Sun officers it was not until 9:45 that they realized the crew member was missing and they mobilized all crew members to find out if Gubertino was onboard.

Afterwards Norwegian Sun notified the authorities in Puerto Chacabuco informing them that one crew member went overboard into the sea.

Chilean Navy launched search and rescue operation deploying two ships to find the missing crew member. 

"At around 10:40 information was received by Norwegian Sun that a crew of Filipino nationality went overboard which was verified by checking security cameras. We at first instance set sail with maritime sector units "Step in the middle", about 50 minutes from Puerto Chacabuco. Weather conditions are maintained with 25-30 knots of wind making it difficult to search and rain affected visibility in the sector. Two marine units are conducting the search for the crew and an aircraft would be added for an aero maritime exploration of the place, "said Navy Lieutenant Felipe Ortega Alvarez.

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Background information provided by the images from the security cameras show that the crew member was alone on open deck when he went overboard, and statements were taken from the captain and Norwegian Sun officers.