Oceania Allura Delivery Delayed, Maiden Voyage and Further Voyages Canceled

Feb 05, 2024

The delivery of Oceania Cruises' luxury cruise ship Allura has encountered a setback, leading to the cancellation of its maiden voyage and five subsequent sailings. The Allura is currently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Sestri Poente, Italy. As the second vessel in the Allura Class series, it follows the successful launch of the sister ship, Oceania Vista, which has been operational since 2023. Allura is designed to provide a luxurious cruising experience, boasting similar specifications to Vista, including a length of 251 meters, a width of 32 meters, and accommodation for approximately 1,200 guests along with 800 crew members.

Reasons for Delay

The delay in the delivery of Allura stems from unforeseen challenges encountered during the construction process at the Fincantieri shipyard. Despite efforts to adhere to the original timeline, the shipyard has notified Oceania Cruises that it will be unable to meet the scheduled delivery date. Consequently, the commissioning of Allura, initially planned for June 8, 2025, has been postponed to July 24, 2025.

The postponement of Allura's delivery has necessitated the cancellation of its first six sailings in summer 2025. The affected departures, scheduled for June 8th, June 15th, June 25th, July 7th, July 17th, and July 29th, encompassed itineraries featuring prominent Mediterranean ports in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Malta, and Egypt. This disruption has undoubtedly caused inconvenience to passengers who had made bookings for these voyages.

In light of the cancellations, Oceania Cruises has announced that all affected guests will receive a full refund for their canceled cruise fares. Additionally, passengers will be extended a special rebooking offer for a future trip with the company. The specifics of this rebooking offer are yet to be finalized but will be communicated to affected guests in due course.

To address the setback, Oceania Cruises is actively planning a new maiden voyage for Allura. The twelve-day journey is slated to depart from Athens, Greece, on July 24, 2025, with a final destination in Monaco. While the details of the revised itinerary are still being determined, the company is committed to ensuring an exceptional cruising experience for passengers aboard Allura.