Online Shopping and Delivery Services for Cruise Ship Crew

Nov 23, 2016

The Miami based company “We Shop 4 Crew” formed by two ex cruise ship employees, offers online shopping services for crew members and delivery in front of the cruise ship. This amazing idea was born by the necessity when founding members realized that crew members need online shopping and delivery in front of the cruise ship because on embarkation day most of the crew doesn’t have time to do their shopping.

How We Shop 4 Crew Started?

The idea of our company was created in November 2014 by former team member Sergio Gak, who spent 4 years working on board of cruise ships. A little bit later in September 2015 another former team member Martina Filipova who has more then 10 years of cruising industry experience, dedicated to retire and join this amazing project. It took exactly 1 year to find out all solutions and in November 2015 the company named WeShop4Crew was born. Based out of Miami major company service is providing fast delivery right in front of cruise ships/yachts. Beside delivery, there are many other services that can be very helpful to any team member, no matter which cruise line or yacht they work on.

How the online shopping and delivery for crew members works?

Our company is located in the heart of Miami also known as "Cruise Capital of the World". Wow, that's sounds great!!! Right? But only a crew member knows what that really means - long embarkation day, lack of sleep, boat drill, not enough time to take a rest and not to mention a necessary shopping... Sometimes even a simple things can be very stressful and impossible because of your busy schedule. Don't worry, we have a great news! Instead of you wasting your precious time and money on a taxi, shuttle bus or waiting approximately 2 weeks for your package to be shipped and delivered, let us buy ANYTHING you want and deliver to port of Miami on your next embarkation day. Fast & easy, without any headache. Fair enough?

Let's say you need an Iphone from Apple store. Transportation in Miami can cost up to 30$ from port to nearest Apple store. You may also not have a day off or be a very limited with your time. Instead of you going  through the whole process we can deliver anything you need. Groceries, electronics, luggage or order anything online... Let us know what you like and we make sure you'll get it next time you are here in Miami. Our delivery drivers are waiting with your packages every day from 9:30am to 12 noon in port of Miami. Simple as that!

For all information’s about shopping and delivery services by We Shop 4 crew crew members can visit their website

Can crew shop on their own and ship packages to We Shop 4 Crew address?

Yes, crew can send their packages tour address, and we will deliver in front of the ship - No size, value or weight limits! Also many of the Crew family members asked the same thing. We guess they would like to surprise some of their loved ones on board, and we are always happy to assist them as well! WeShop4Crew provides free Amazon Prime account (2 business days delivery), and we can buy for you as well, and you can pay us back after we deliver. But if you decide to shop from any other website on your own, you can use our address as your shipping destination. 

  • Srdan Gak / (your name here),
  • 2899 Collins Ave 1518,
  • 33140 Miami Beach, Florida.