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Pacific Explorer Comes to the Aid of Distressed Yacht

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The cruise ship Pacific Explorer which departed Auckland on Friday, had to divert its course and respond to a distress call from a New Zealand-flagged yacht, which had a broken mast.

Tragically, one life was lost during the incident involving the distressed yacht. Maritime New Zealand's Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the crew of Pacific Explorer led by Captain Alan Nixon went above and beyond the call of duty, exemplifying courage and commitment. They managed to rescue one survivor from the waters, who was later transferred to the cruise ship for urgent medical attention. The Fijian Navy vessel Savenaca also played a pivotal role in the rescue efforts, picking up another survivor.

A video posted on social media showcased the small yacht bobbing in the rough seas alongside the much larger Pacific Explorer, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Carnival Australia expressed gratitude and admiration for its crew and Captain Alan Nixon, who showed immense courage and determination in the face of adversity. They also extended their appreciation to the guests on board for their understanding and cooperation during this unforeseen emergency.

Regrettably, due to the persistently poor weather conditions, it was deemed unsafe to attempt the rescue of the remaining yacht crew. However, the Pacific Explorer maintained communication with those aboard the stricken vessel throughout the evening, ensuring they were not left alone in their time of need.

The New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed that one of the yacht's crew members was safely on board the Pacific Explorer, receiving the necessary medical assistance. However, given the challenging conditions and the size discrepancy between the vessels, further rescue attempts for the remaining individuals on the yacht were impossible.

The Royal Fijian Navy (RFN) released Pacific Explorer from observation duties around 4 pm, allowing the cruise ship to resume its journey. It was now headed toward Port Denarau, as guests on board were kept informed about any necessary itinerary adjustments.