Pacific Princess rescues 3 men in the North Sea

Aug 25, 2018

The cruise ship Pacific Princess changed its course in the North Sea to rescue three men in a life raft who had sent up a flare. The vessel was heading back to the port of Dover after an eight-day voyage to the British Isles when an S.O.S. signal was sent to rescue the men, who were floating in a small life raft.

The rescue took place Saturday afternoon around 7:30 pm off the coast of Norwich. Pacific Princess crew maneuvered close to the life raft and send one of its lifeboats to assist the men.

Alexandra Rosen, sailing on Pacific Princess has posted several tweets saying “The vessel used a flare to solicit our attention. Looks like there are a few individuals on board. Captain has been in touch with the Coast Guard. Helicopter is on the way due to turbulent sea conditions. It looks like there are three men in total on this vessel. We don’t know how long they’ve been stranded.

According to her last update, the three rescued men were fishermen. There were originally five on the vessel before it capsized. Two men may still be in the water.

Linda Martin Klosterman posted the following photo of the rescued men saying "These guys just got rescued off the coast of England by the Pacific Princess Cruise ship. Very lucky to be found."

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