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Passenger Goes Overboard from Carnival Elation

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United States Coast Guard has launched a search and rescue operation for a man who reportedly jumped off the Carnival Elation cruise ship near Melbourne, Florida.

The Carnival Elation was concluding a four-day Bahamas cruise and was en route to its homeport in Jacksonville when the incident occurred. According to the Coast Guard, the incident took place approximately 95 miles east of Melbourne.

Security footage from the ship's CCTV revealed the moment when the passenger jumped overboard. The cruise ship initiated a search within its premises upon receiving a notification from the passenger’s traveling companion, who expressed concern about his sudden disappearance. After extensive onboard efforts and a comprehensive review of security camera footage, it was concluded that the passenger had indeed jumped overboard.

Following the distressing event, the Carnival Elation returned to Jacksonville. Carnival Cruise Line released a statement expressing their deep sadness over the situation and extended their heartfelt condolences to the man's family. Carnival Cruise Line's dedicated care team is providing unwavering support to the grieving family during this difficult time.

The United States Coast Guard is working to locate the missing passenger in a joint effort involving air and sea crews. The search area is focused on the location approximately 95 nautical miles east of Melbourne, Florida. Participating units include the 87-foot Cutter Tarpon from St. Petersburg, a Hercules aircraft from Clearwater, and an Ocean Sentry aircraft from Miami.

The cruise line also said, “Shoreside authorities were notified, and the crew was advised to continue to Jacksonville. The Carnival Care Team is providing support to the guest’s family and our thoughts are with them and the guest. Carnival Elation was on a four-day Bahamas sailing and returned to its homeport of Jacksonville on Monday morning,“ Carnival said in a statement.