Perfect 100 USPH Points for Celebrity Reflection

Nov 06, 2016

Let me give you a very happy and proud moment for all the crew members of the Celebrity Reflection. Yesterday November 5, we completed the TransAtlantic cruise by arriving in the port of Miami at 02:00. After a 7 sea days voyage straight out of the island of Tenerife, Spain. We all know how demanding and tiring are the sea days for the crew members. Imagine that we had 7 sea days straight.

After arriving into Miami, all crew members were awake in order to pass the typical Full Crew Immigration. As always in the first US Port after our Mediterranean Season, we expected the US Coast Guard to come on board and complete their Annual Inspection. On top of that the US Public Health Inspectors visited the ship as well. Everybody on board the Celebrity REFLECTION worked perfectly in order to accommodate all these officials. After 7 hours of several checks, a crew and a guest drill we received a Zero Deficiencies Report from the USCG, showing to everybody how well Celebrity REFLECTION's crew is dedicated to Safety on board.

After 7 hours of thorough Public Health Inspections, we received a perfect score of 100 points with compliments to all crew for their amazing and hard work in regards to Public Health compliance. Nobody can imagine the crew member's proud smile they got and still have in their face since yesterday afternoon when the Captain of the vessel announced on the PA System the ship's excellent scores. All on board the cruise ships have dedicated their lives, they work really hard, they have to work flawlessly, and they need to be recognized accordingly.

Text by Mr. Dimitris Petras