Person Overboard from Costa Pacifica

Oct 11, 2019

A person went overboard from the cruise ship Costa Pacifica last night, according to passengers who reported the incident. Costa Pacifica was en route to Malaga and suddenly changed course just before sailing to the strait of Gibraltar, going back to search for the missing person.

The cruise ship was turned around to the approximate location where the person was last seen while the staff searched the vessel. Coast Guard and a merchant ship joined the search while Costa Pacifica crew launched lifeboats to search for the missing person late into the night. Approximately at around 2 am Pacifica was released from the search due to reported medical emergency onboard. To ensure the health of the passenger, Costa Pacifica resumed its course and is expected to arrive in Malaga today at 10 am.

Crocieristi Italiani posted the following announcement with photos of the location where the ship searched for the person.

Coast Guard continued the search however until now there are no reports of locating the missing person. According to some reports, the missing person is a 75-year old Dutch woman, but this is not confirmed. A passenger was told that the missing woman either fell or jumped off the ship. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this difficult time.